Stay connected

Bring people together by shufflin’ them into new groups on your chat platform every week.

How Shuffl works

Shuffl aims to help teams and communities easily create and maintain meaningful connections, one shuffl at a time.

1. Join the Shuffl Channel

Slack users can join a Shuffl channel to start! Each channel has its own set shuffl schedule.

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2. Get Shuffl'd

Right on the channel schedule, Shuffl will create the groups automatically and introduce everyone over a new group chat.

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3. Get Together

Once shuffl'd into a new group, the introductions begin! Bond over shared interests, hobbies or favorite travel stories on a video call.

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Use Cases

Every week, teams are shufflin' in fun and smart ways

Virtual Socials

Automate opportunities to create social bonds with weekly get-togethers. Group shuffls are a fun and smart way to spark connection.


Set up new hires for success by building company-wide bonds. Keep the teams' culture and values strong as the company grows or gets closer together.

Leadership Shuffl

Allow leaders to nurture culture by automatically creating groups where individual leaders are shuffl'd with new team members monthly.

Inspire Inclusion

Strengthen the sense of community and social bonds between team members.

Foster Connection

When teams connect morale is high, creativity is sparked, and innovation follows.

Engage Your Team

Thriving teams take care and invest in their greatest assets: people.


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