Helping make meaningful connections,
one shuffl at a time

Shuffl is a Slack app that pairs team members into a random group, and invites them to meet in-person or virtually!

Add to Slack

Shuffl is easy to install, configure, and run!


Add to Slack & Setup

Click on the "Add to Slack" button above and follow prompts to configure Shuffl once installed in your Slack workspace.


Invite Teammates to Channel

Invite teammates to the Slack Shuffl Channel to join in on the fun! Only channel members will be shuffl'd.


Get Shuffl'd

On the specified day and frequency, team members will be shuffl'd into groups and they now can chat, discover common bonds, and pick a date to meet in-person or virtually!

Build an engaged team environment

Thriving teams take care and invest in their greatest assets: their people. Research finds when teams have a sense of psychological safety, and can depend on another, they are individually loyal, innovative, and productive.

Foster connectedness

Genuine relationships across multiple-function teams uplifts morale, encourages creativity, and spurs innovative solutions. When diverse individuals feel safe to share their true opinions, they make smarter decisions, and produce more effective results as a collective.

Supercharge team communication

Today's organizations have teams in multiple functions and locations all around the world. It is natural to desire a sense of belonging to your greater community. Automate the creation and strengthen bonds between team members, no matter their role, or where they are.

Frequently Asked Questions