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Build great teams when groups meet with intention and AI-powered shuffls.

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Why High-Trust Cultures Matter

Culture drives overall quality of life.

more engagement
more energy at work
less burnout
greater profitability

*According to Harvard Business Review & Gallup

Shuffl Solutions

Champion initiatives with intention in our Future of Work.

  • Team Networking Shuffls

    Socialize in pairs or groups to meet meaningfully in fun and smart ways.

  • New Match Shuffls

    Significantly increase the serendipitous chance to create new connections in your 1:1’s and groups!

  • New Hire Shuffls

    Welcome new team members with onboarding buddies and cohort shuffls!

  • Cross-Team Collaboration

    Create bridges between teams for camaraderie and knowledge flow.

  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

    Amplify Leaders and Speakers to educate, empower, and execute transformational change.

  • Leadership Shuffl

    Inspire inclusion and nurture morale with monthly leadership and team group shuffls.

How to Shuffl

Start shufflin’ and meet with intention.

  • Join the Slack Channel and setup your Shuffl Bio

    Onboarding designed to be easy and helpful. Create connections naturally with Shuffl Bios and Intros.

  • It’s Shuffl time. Show up to meet.

    Build common ground quickly when stories are shared automatically. Break the ice and foster a culture of trust.

  • Get Together Activity

    Everyone’s here. Get together for an activity like a video call or in-person coffee! Video call? Simply type a command and voilà- meet instantly.

  • Give feedback to improve the Shuffl experience

    Easily share input to enhance future shuffls and goals. Give gratitude for learnings and happy moments!

News & Updates

Stay up to date on the latest from Shuffl.

Shuffl 3.0: Service Platform Updates

Shuffl 3.0: Service Platform Updates

Shuffl V3 Product Release centered around engagement and complete control and visibility to manage the Shuffl Program.

Slack Featured, Staff Pick

Slack Featured, Staff Pick

Shuffl has been picked by Slack to be featured for a few weeks on their App Directory. It’s an honor to be recognized and placed alongside other high-quality apps and services.

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