Security & Compliance

The privacy and security of your data is of the highest importance to our team. We believe in selecting industry-leading services and employ security best practices to ensure we exceed your expectations in how we process and protect data.

Cloud Hosted

Shuffl's infrastructure services and data are hosted by the industry leading cloud provider: Amazon Web Services (AWS). All operations are within US facilities.

Monitoring & Incident Response

Shuffl is committed to ensuring availability and performance of our services in serving our global customers. Track live operation status.

Encryption & Secure Transmission

All data is transmitted securely over HTTPS, encrypted in-transit and at-rest using 256-bit encryption.

Authorization and Permissions

Authorized access to customer data is strictly limited to only personnel whose job function requires it.

Secure Authentication

Shuffl automatically inherits your Slack workspace authentication settings, such as SSO or 2FA.

PCI Compliance

Payments are processed through Stripe, our payment processor. Please find their PCI compliance and security policies.

Commitment to EU GDPR

As of May 5, 2020, Shuffl has reviewed and updated all respective policies to ensure compliance with EU-GDPR.

Data Subject Rights Request

For deletion requests or updates to your data, please contact

Data Protection Officer

Shuffl maintains an assigned Data Protection Officer (DPO) to ensure continued compliance with EU-GDPR requirements and requests. Our DPO is Chris Watts

3rd party partners and services

Shuffl uses third-party services to provide infrastructure services, customer relationship management, analytics, and communications. Shuffl thoroughly evaluates privacy, security, and confidentiality policies during the selection process and whenever updates occur to ensure alignment with our standards.

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