Shuffl 3.0: Service Platform Updates

By  Matthew Lee

Shuffl V3 Product Release centered around engagement and complete control and visibility to manage the Shuffl Program.

Gratitude powers all aspects of our service. We have learned immensely over the past six months in deep partnership with incredible customer leaders. Thank you, we heard you. We will continue to listen. We stand true to our mission. Help our Shuffl Champions beacon a high-trust culture to build great teams. We commit to automate manual tasks and give self-service for everything they need. Then, the best parts of work happen when joy and creativity spreads.


Curiosity to continuously innovate invites new solutions to bridge gaps. We are delighted to release new features that build on the foundation of our AI-powered platform. We are optimistic with the combo of using data smartly and meeting with intention. We believe this can result in meaningful change as we re-discover connecting in our Future of Work. Our focus in this release centers around engagement, supporting essential business use cases, and complete control and visibility to manage the Shuffl Program.

We are thrilled with releasing an upgrade for all service functions:

Shuffl (v3.0)

Shuffl Program Portal (v4.0):

  • Self-service features for effective management of the Shuffl Program. From complete shuffl schedule control to exact group match and usage reports.

Shuffl Marketing Site (v4.0):

  • Hello, Future of Work! Find best practices and learnings as written from collaborators in Shuffl’s News and Learning Hub.

What’s next? We will be releasing detailed documentation on the above features, Shuffl Solutions, Shuffl Program best practices. We are also working on the next set of smart shufflin’ solutions! We welcome feedback and questions; message us via our chatbot! We love chatting and sharing stories.

As always from our team, happy shufflin’.

[June 1, 2021]: As part of our Q2 Release, please find updates to our Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and DPA as publicly shared on our website under the “Resources” tab.