Slack App Directory, Jan 2021

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Shuffl on Slack

The experience of working on Slack has been divine! The platform has been a real joy to build on for our team.

Our team depends on it daily as a central communications hub for everything. The developer ecosystem is rich in both ease-of-use and feature depth.

We’re proud to have shuffl’d with around a thousand teams on Slack worldwide.

As of writing, we’re grateful for being picked by Slack as a Main Feature for a few weeks on their App Directory.

We treat this as an honor to be alongside other high-quality services. Selection is made by a cross-functional panel that emphasizes quality, customer impact, and usefulness for their customers.

The best part of Slack is working with their team. It’s incredible. From support to app strategists, every interaction is brilliant when we reflect similar values.

Thank you, Slack.

Matthew and Chris

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