Leadership Spotlight: Global Enterprise Team

By  Matthew Lee

We’re proud to shuffl with incredible teams and communities from all around the world. It’s inspiring to see leaders step up to help promote inclusion and foster engagement in our new way of work and connection. Whether a startup, a global enterprise, a student community, or a research team, the challenges to stay connected remotely are real and at the top of leaders’ minds. We’ll be sharing stories from each of these organization types to provide a relatable reference for how Shuffl can help.

Today, we’d like to share a story from one of our customers, a leading cloud software enterprise. They are leaders in their space with 3,000+ team members worldwide and are distributed all around the world. We are thrilled to shuffl together and continue our partnership to help their teams all over the world socialize remotely.

This is their story.

Global Impact

“Shuffl has been an absolute game changer for us. As our remote population grew over the past year, it was clear that helping our employees feel connected not only to their team, but also to the larger company, was a challenge. As connection and psychological safety play such a major role in forming a successful team, we knew that this wasn’t just a personal concern, this was a business concern.

With that, we needed a lightweight way to facilitate helping our employees connect with one another that could also scale with the growth of our remote population. Enter: Shuffl!

We add Shuffl to Slack rooms ranging from new hire slack rooms to regional slack rooms. The ease of set-up has taken a huge burden off of our teams and the ability to customize the group size, cadence, and messaging has allowed us to add a personal touch to each room based on the needs of the population.

The app has helped our global remote community stay connected, our new hires get to know new folks in their starting class, and it’s provided a lightweight way for individuals to network and learn about team members across the globe without having to take on the burden of reaching out themselves.

Since adding Shuffl, we’ve had folks reach out letting us know that they’ve formed friendships, talked through complex customer issues, and even had two team members across the country randomly paired in their 39th week of pregnancy - they are now keeping in touch throughout their maternity leave!

Finally, the customer service has been stellar. In the rare event that a question or concern pops up, I’m met with a thorough and empathetic same-day answer, which has allowed me to feel truly confident to lean on the Shuffl team. I am incredibly thankful for Shuffl and their entire team. I can’t recommend them highly enough!”

Remote Work and Inclusion Program Manager, Leading Global Cloud Software Enterprise