Our Customer Impact

By  Matthew Lee

When the global pandemic emerged, many had an idea of its potential impact and severity. Though, few anticipated its ability to so swiftly change the way we work and connect. This rapid change forced us to dramatically adjust our expectations and how we go about our daily lives. We hear stories from teams and communities from around the world going through this transition. We see strong emotions when describing the situation. Stories of leaders stressed to find a way to help their team cope with feelings of isolation, a missing sense of belonging, and how to engage with one another.

All hands in

We are humbled to have the opportunity to help be a part of the solution as we work with world-class teams and communities. We spent the past six months incorporating feedback to ensure Shuffl helps foster connection and inspires inclusion with every product release. We are thankful for our amazing customers who have helped shape our services and the business partnerships forged together. We treasure our annual and monthly commitments and are excited to shape this path forward with each other.

We want to share their feedback and stories of Shuffl’s impact. We want you to know that you’re not alone in feeling these challenges. We’re all going through a similar range of emotions and would like to help one another. We’re grateful to realize that in these moments of adversity, staying connected with your community is the best cure.

These are a few short quotes we’d like to share today.

“Shuffl has helped our global remote community stay connected, our new hires get to know new folks in their starting class, and provided a lightweight way for individuals to network and learn about team members across the globe … I am incredibly thankful for Shuffl and their entire team. I can’t recommend them highly enough!“

Remote Work and Inclusion Program Manager, Leading Global Cloud Software Enterprise

“Even before COVID, we already had a distributed team which makes it challenging to connect to everyone outside of our direct teams on a personal level.  Shuffl has helped facilitate our team make meaningful connections with everyone.  [The Shuffl team] have been so incredibly responsive to our needs and it’s such a delight to see Shuffl grow and improve over time.”

People & Culture Specialist, Leading Cloud Managed Services Provider

More detailed stories to come soon.