Shuffl 2.0: Service Platform Updates

By  Matthew Lee

I’m thrilled to announce the below updates to our service functions that span across Shuffl! These updates and features are designed from customer feedback and intended to help teams enjoy a fun, smart, and reliable service to stay connected remotely.

Man at computer

For our existing customers: to enable the latest Shuffl features, please complete the upgrade by authenticating into Shuffl Portal. Your shuffl schedules have not changed and retain their original settings.

From this point forward, Shuffl is available as Shuffl Community (always free) and Shuffl Pro (paid subscription). For the latest comparison of features and FAQ, visit our pricing page.

  • Shuffl Community is available for free with the same shuffl limits. Up to 50 users and 1 shuffl channel.
  • Shuffl Pro is now available as a 14-day trial with no credit card needed. Explore its features and shuffl without limitations and up to 1,000 users during the trial period.
  • After the trial is over, your default shuffl channel (#shuffl-meetups) will remain active and shuffls will be turned off in other channels.

Shuffl Platform

  • Architecture: Completed full service migration to Amazon Web Services (AWS), delivering industry-leading service standards on reliability, security, and performance.
  • New Team Onboarding: Simplified the onboarding experience for new team install.
  • New Shuffl Channel: Simplified the process of creating a new Shuffl channel. Find the “New Channel” button in the app Home Tab section in Slack. The ability to add Shuffl via “/invite” and “Add an App” is now retired. Creating new shuffl channels is only available for designated Shuffl Admins.
  • Slack Home Tab: Users and Shuffl Admins now have a central spot within Slack to find all shuffl schedules, details and manage their opt-in or opt-out status for the next shuffl. Also, find helpful links to Shuffl Portal and our FAQ.
  • Shuffl Portal: UI & UX update of Shuffl Portal.
  • Shuffl Service Health: Monitor live service health and operations at Shuffl Status Page.
  • Shuffl (the bot) has a new look! :) Thanks to our hard working engineers for the upgrade.

Shuffl Usage

  • User Shuffl Opt Setting: Control individual opt-in status for the shuffl channels you’re a part of within the app Home Tab.
  • Shuffl Interactivity: Shuffl will notify the admin & shuffl channel with more contextual updates on shuffl schedule changes (if it’s paused or shuffl settings change) and include post-shuffl messages to the channel so everyone is up to date on when the next shuffl is.
  • Smart Shuffl - Group Frequency: [Shuffl Pro] Go beyond the random algorithm and try smart shufflin’. Use an individuals’ shuffl history to influence the higher likelihood of meeting new people! Learn more at our FAQ. To enable this, contact
  • Smart Shuffl - Leadership Shuffl: [Shuffl Pro] Provide leaders an actionable way to nurture culture and shepherd collaboration! Learn more at our FAQ page. To enable this, contact
  • Default Shuffl Channel: For Community teams, your enabled and active Shuffl channel is your default channel going forward. Typically, this will be #shuffl-meetups for all new teams. This designation allows Shuffl to shuffl a specific channel if you’re on our Community plan. If you’d like to change the default shuffl channel, send us a note at


  • Shuffl Marketing Site: Redesign of our marketing site with updates around our use cases, features, platform security and FAQ.
  • Shuffl Champions: [Shuffl Pro] A community for our power Shuffl Pro users will be launching soon. Get the opportunity to provide input on our product roadmap and early access to try new smart and fun shufflin’ features!
  • Product Updates: Monthly cadence of product updates and planned features will be communicated to customer teams via email and tracked on our public blog.
  • Engineering Updates: Monthly cadence of engineering topics by our CTO & engineering function will be posted on the blog section of the site! Stay tuned for more.

-The Shuffl Team