Frequently Asked Questions

What types of channels does Shuffl work in?

Shuffl works in public channels (not private) and best set up as a new channel. This way, only interested team members will be shuffl'd once they are members of the new channel.

How do I switch Shuffl from one channel to another?

First, remove Shuffl from the original channel via the command: '/remove @shuffl'. Then, invite Shuffl back into the new channel via the command: '/invite @shuffl'.

How do I change my Shuffl settings, like frequency, time of day, or group size?

You can either remove, and add Shuffl in your channel, or conveniently via Shuffl Portal.

What is the Shuffl pairing process?

At the scheduled time and day, Shuffl will randomly sort channel members (based on the group size setting) into new groups! Shuffl will then introduce them via a group message in Slack, and encourage them to chat, connect, and find time to meet in-person or virtually.

What are the group sizes I can set with Shuffl?

In Shuffl Community, you can select sizes between 2 to 5 people, per group. In Shuffl Growth, and Growth+, you can select larger group sizes and contact support for any custom needs.

How does Shuffl pick who gets paired?

Shuffl randomly sorts people into groups, and also keeps track of historic pairings to reduce the likelihood of repeat matches. Currently, Shuffl does not look at any channel content, or message data to influence the sorting algorithm.

What happens when there are "leftover" people in pairing, like shuffling 22 people in 5 person groups?

If there are extra people, they will be randomly assigned to the groups. In the scenario above, there will be two 6-person groups, and two 5-person groups.

How often does Shuffl pair people?

The Shuffl Admin can set the shuffl frequency in their configuration. The options range from weekly, bi-weekly, or once a month. We recommend starting with bi-weekly pairings and adjusting from there.

What time do the pairings happen?

Your team gets shuffl'd at 10am (on your selected day of shuffl) in your team's local time.

I'm using Shuffl Growth, where can I see my teams' metrics and dashboard?

Please visit Shuffl Portal.